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Orquesta de la Luz is a Japanese salsa band that began performing and recording in 1990. The band sings in Spanish, and is led by vocalist Nora, who returned to traditional salsa after the band broke up in the mid-1990s.



Albita Rodríguez, known in her music career simply as Albita, is a Grammy-winning Cuban-American singer, producer and composer. Albita was born in Havana,



  • Larry Harlow is an American salsa music performer, composer and producer. He was born into a musical American family of Jewish descent.


    Tropical band Los Hermanos Moreno was formed in New Jersey in 1989 by brothers William and Nelson Moreno, climbing Latin charts during the '90s with "Sopa de Pichón," and "Quimbombo," among other songs. The group achieved the title of Best International Orquestra after participating in a Colombian festival, consolidating their popularity while touring around the world.



    Orquesta Broadway was a mid-1960s/early 1970s New York-based "salsa" band. Orquesta Broadway and Tipica 73 were two popular New York "salsa" bands that played in the charanga format.[1] Some of the famous musicians initially involved were Monguito "El Único", a Cuban nasal-voiced singer ( he patterned his vocal style on the Cuban sonero Miguelito Cuní), joined in 1962, when he moved to New York from Mexico, Ronnie Baro, 1992, co-founder of Africando and Roger Dawson, conga drummer (bongos are not typically used in charanga bands). Their song El Barrio del Pilar is considered a type song for the marcha rhythm of the conga drums in "salsa".



    "El Bombón de Elena" "El Negro Bembón" "Juan José" "Besitos de Coco" "Palo Que Tú Me Das" "Quítate de la Vía Perico" "Oriza" "El Chivo de la Campana" "Maquinolandera" "El Yayo" "María Teresa" "Yo Soy del Campo"


    Tipica '73 began w. a "Jam Session" Charanga (Flute/Violin) format in 1972 at an East Side club called "…and Vinnie's.  Eventually, it evolved into a 3-horn conjunto (combo) w. Adalberto Santiago as lead vocalist.

    In 1975 Tipica '73 began recording "New Wave" Cuban music: ("La Candela," "No Me Critiques," "La Escoba Barrendera," etc.)

    In 1976, after a split due to creative differences, Tipica '73 emerged w. a new format, which included the addition of a Flute/Sax, a Violin and Tito Allen as lead vocalist.

    Subsequent lead vocalists included Camilo Azuquita and José Alberto (El Canario).  José Alberto was the vocalist in 1978 when Tipica '73 recorded the historic LP: "Intercambio Cultural" (Cultural Exchange) at EGREM studios in Havana, Cuba!

    In 1983, Tipica '73 disbanded due to pressure and blacklisting stemming from the trip to Cuba. After an occasional reunion gig, and under the co-direction of founding members, Johnny Rodríguez and Sonny Bravo, Tipica '73 (in 2010) finally returned to its Charanga (Flute/Violin) roots and is currently (2014) performing w. that format. Our current vocalist is Julio Salgado.
    Jimmy Bosch c. 1960, aka "El Trombon Criollo", is a jazz and Salsa Music trombonist composer and bandleader of Puerto Rican decent born in Jersey City, New Jersey
    Puerto Rican Johnny Ray (born Johnny Zamot) started playing Latin percussion while living in New York, signing to Decca Records after assembling his first group, called the Johnny Zamot Band. Soon they were climbing the charts with his first hit, a tropical song titled "Fat Mama." Johnny Ray's second band was Society 76, with trumpet players Ray Maldonado and Larry Spencer, trombonist José Rodríguez, and pianist Paquito Pastore, and achieved hits with "Bandolera" and "You're My Everything." Later, Johnny Ray founded his own label, releasing Suavecito and Dale Pa'rriba, and issued Romantico con Salsa in 2001 after signing up to Univision Music Group.



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