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Ray Sepúlveda is a Puerto Rican American salsa singer, born in Brooklyn, New York. Sepúlveda grew up in Brooklyn & the Bronx, New York, where his father, Ramon Sepulveda sang boleros with his group "Trio Los Romanticos".



Aurora & Zon del Barrio

If you like salsa, we do it "dura" hardcore style. If you like Boricua roots
music, we do it Cortijo style, and if you like it like that, Zon del Barrio
does it like that with English language boogaloos.

A word play on the musical genre of "son" found throughout the Caribbean and
"zone" where people of color struggle hard and party just as hard, Zon del
Barrio brings you music from the African Diaspora to the streets of New
York. . A high-energy musical extravaganza that celebrates Latino tradition
and culture led by Bandleader, Composer, and Historian Aurora with musical
direction by percussionist/pianist & arranger, David Fernandez, featuring a
12-piece, funk based, hip shaking orchestra

Check out our workshops, percussion & jazz piano clinics, our music history
workshops and lecture deomonstrations PLUS our interviews with the veterans
of Latin music history.  For all of your Latin music needs, check out Aurora
& Zon del Barrio.

Aurora & Zon del Barrio:
Music from the Streets of Latin N.Y.


  • In New York City, Machito formed the band the Afro-Cubans in 1940, and with Mario Bauzá as musical director, brought together Cuban rhythms and big band arrangements in one group. He made numerous recordings from the 1940s to the 1980s, many with Graciela as singer. Machito changed to a smaller ensemble format in 1975, touring Europe extensively. He brought his son and daughter into the band, and received a Grammy Award in 1983, one year before he died.

    Machito's music had an effect on the lives of many musicians who played in the Afro-Cubans over the years, and on those who were attracted to Latin jazz after hearing him. George Shearing, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and Stan Kenton credited Machito as an influence. An intersection in East Harlem is named "Machito Square" in his honor.

  • If you are made on what anyone can enjoy, from CD Muramatsu Izumi that Hugo Blanco of the author of that "coffee rumba" dealt produced, the composer of "cafe consulting support" four songs original, copy songs (typically The main playing a song) that arranged to Latin salsa standard such, the popular song, etc. of Japan.

    In 1969, Miranda joined the Fania All Stars and went with this band on tour to Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 1973, he formed his own band called "Orquesta Revelación" and recorded "Así se compone un son" under the Fania record label. With this song, Miranda entered the new salsa craze which was sweeping the nation. He was then baptized as "El Niño Bonito de la Salsa" ( 'The Pretty Boy of Salsa"). During the 1970s, he continued to have more hits with songs like "Lupe, Lupe", "Señor Sereno" and many others.

    In 1984, Miranda recorded an album for Fania with the famed Cuban conjunto Sonora Matancera. By 1988, he had planned to retire. However, he went on to establish his own record label "IM Records" and recorded several boleros with Andy Montañez. By 1992, he signed under the management of Chino Rodríguez in New York City, who negotiated with the late Jerry Masucci on the Fania All-Star Reunion of 1994.



    Love MAMBO ? Then you gotta love Frankie Morales, aka Mr. MAMBO (as we like to call him) . His voice, strong and clear, in person as it is in recordings.
    Frankie Morales on stage is a MUST SEE SHOW !!
    Highly recommended !!

    In any book chronicling the history of Latin music, you will surely find more than a few words about Conjunto Clásico. It is regarded as the premier Conjunto and is respected for maintaining the traditions of its Puerto Rican and Afro Cuban roots.

    In describing the Conjunto sound, one must trace back to Cuba, based on the Arsenio Rodríguez Conjunto  style that included

    trumpets and Tres (similar to a twelve-string guitar) added to the traditional Piano, Bass and Rhythm section. Under the direction and leadership of Ramón Castro, Conjunto Clásico expands on that sound by maintaining the traditions of Puerto Rican influences and that aggressive New York style harmony vocals lead by Tito Nieves, with tailor-made compositions written by Ramón Rodríguez. The unique sound sets this band apart from all the rest.

    Latin Grammy Awards nominated for salsa album of the year! For Conjunto Clasico "Recuerdos" Album.

    With 18 recordings under its label, Conjunto Clásico has given birth to some of the finest talent in today's music. They include, Daniel Santos, Tito Nieves, Johnny Rivera, Tito Allen, Rafael De Jesús, Julio Barreto and David Navedo.


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